Take it to the Streets alongside Miles Toland

Let’s face it: I’m a bit of a snoop. If there’s an artist I’m interested inl… I like to know about it and then find out every detail I can about their work and their mission. When Miles Toland came to my attention, that investigative instinct kicked in. Everything I’ve managed to dig up about this young artist from New Mexico has impressed me. I know, I know… I’m kind of every local artists’ fangirl these days, but Miles is the real deal! He is using his talent and his platform to spark conversation, take responsibility, and foster change.

Facing the Lie: I'm too "Fat" to be Successful

If any of us are going to be successful then we have to take extreme ownership of the things that are holding us back. For starters, mine are insecurities about my weight, money and self-worth. I’m sharing this not to elicit sympathy but to tell you, I see you. I know I’m not the only woman who avoids cameras or beats herself up for not fitting into what society tells her she “should” look like.

For years I allowed my physical appearance to hinder my dreams and aspirations. I’m not a model. I’m not stick thin - all in all, I’m physically fairly average. It’s exciting to see body positivity sweep the Internet, but there still aren’t very many ‘average’ looking girls as influencers. In the last few years, I have gained 20-25 lbs. I’ve found myself hiding from the camera, or trying to contort my body in bizarre ways just appear thinner in family photos. I’ve told my partner not to take pictures of me because of how deeply I dislike the way I look on camera.